Our Son In Law

Our son in law Brandon is all we prayed for and more. A loving husband, father and son. We have watched him grow in rank from his teens but he was born the man he is today; honest, hard working and dedicated. Whether he’s at work, home or play he always puts everything he’s got into running for the finish line! 

We have watched in amazement as he coaches the boys in hockey and held our breath as we’ve watched him play hockey and run triathlons. 

He’s the first to run to render aid. Whether it’s taking care of our daughter and his family through health struggles to picking up and caring for his niece and diagnosing a broken arm after her bike fall. He is always looking out for everyone and does it with such genuine love and grace. If you’re looking for honesty, integrity and someone who wants only the best for the people of Chisago County; you couldn’t ask for a better Sheriff than Brandon Thyen

John and Cindy Swenson

Kelly Thyen