Kyle Puelston, North Branch Letter to the editor

I could share the long list of accomplishments that Sheriff Thyen has to his resume over the last 20 years with the sheriff’s office. I could tell you about his degrees and his skills in being able to manage a multimillion dollar budget.

Those are important and necessary, and others have written about that. However, to me Sheriff Thyen stands out as a leader that is strong and ready to serve. One memory I have of this is after being involved in a critical incident as a deputy with Chisago County Sheriff’s Office. That day was a hot and humid one.

I was getting ready to leave the scene. There was a long line of vehicles parked along road leading up to where the scene was. As I was driving away I saw Sheriff Thyen carrying a case of water up the long road so those working at the scene could stay hydrated. He could have had anyone else do that menial task in the humid weather, yet he chose to do it on his own. He wanted to help in whatever way he could and the star on his collar didn’t mean that something was beneath him.

I support Sheriff Thyen for Sheriff of Chisago County because whether it is the monumental task of managing a multimillion-dollar budget or carrying a case of water, he wants to do what is best for our agency. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, he’s willing to jump in and get the job done. Please vote for to keep Sheriff Thyen as our Sheriff for the next 4 years.

Kelly Thyen