Message from Sheriff Thyen


I am running for Sheriff of Chisago County. It would be my privilege if you would consider voting for me.  Your county leaders showed their belief in me by unanimously appointing me to be your Sheriff on May 5th.

As your current Sheriff, I bring 14 years of past proven budget experience.  This experience comes from being the jail administrator, overseeing the budgets of the emergency communications center and the jail.  As the Chief Deputy, I assisted with the budgets of all the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. I will work with Sheriff’s Office Administration to continue to operate in a fiscally responsible manner.  

I feel that school safety and security is very important.  I’m currently partnering with the Rush City School District and the City of Rush City to work toward implementing a school resource officer for the Rush City School District, as they are the only school district in our county without one.

One of my initiatives is to make our roads safer for all of us through traffic enforcement.  The biggest issue on our roads today is the distracted driver. Traffic enforcement is very important and I plan to support all initiatives that will make our roads safer.

Drug awareness, education, and enforcement are critical.  I’m making these a priority as the illegal use of drugs is affecting our citizens and is the root of other problems.

I bring 14 years experience in administrative positions within the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.  I’ve shown proven leadership in accomplishing large complicated projects, including being the project coordinator for the design and building committee for the Emergency Communications Center and the new Public Safety Center.  

I believe the Sheriff’s Office needs the help of community as much as the community needs the help of the Sheriff’s Office.  That’s why community involvement and transparency are so important. As Sheriff, the Sheriff’s Office will operate with that transparency and roll out even more programs to become increasingly involved in the community.

These are some of the initiatives that I’m currently working on as your Sheriff and will continue to work on if elected this fall.  I have many more issues that I want to share and accomplish with our agency. Please follow my campaign for Sheriff to learn more and stay updated.  


Brandon Thyen
Sheriff, Chisago County

Sheriff Brandon Thyen appointed by county leaders on May 5, 2018.

Sheriff Brandon Thyen appointed by county leaders on May 5, 2018.