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Campaign Platform.

Chisago County School Safety

School Safety

I have partnered with Rush City and the Rush City School District to build, and continue to evolve, the best resources that will support our educational staff and protect our communities' youth.

Chisago County road safety

Road Safety

Data supports that one of the most common threats to our road safety today is a distracted driver.  I will tackle this issue by ensuring that proper traffic enforcement, and the infrastructure to support it, is a priority within our community.

Chisago County Drug Awareness & Prevention

Drug Awareness & Prevention

I believe consistent partnership with organizations in our community that make drug awareness, enforcement, and education is paramount in tackling problems related to drug abuse. This affects many of our citizens in this community and cannot be ignored. As of August, our deputies will now be carrying Narcan on patrol.

Chisago County Mental Health Management

Mental Health

I will ensure there is consistent partnership with organizations in our community that seek to understand and build actionable plans to provide mental health support. 


Family, Community and Wellness


Community Events

Meet Sheriff Thyen

Please join us at one of the many community events taking place before November elections. Sheriff Thyen looks forward to speaking with you about your needs and concerns for the community.