Sheriff Thyen's Response to Questions:

Please excuse my ignorance but I have questions. Why you and not the multiple others that are running for this office? What is wrong with the other guys? What will you do or what can you do to change things? What do you feel needs to be changed? Thanks in advance for your answers. Erik Torgerson via Facebook

Thanks for the great questions Erik,  
There’re four other candidates besides myself running for Sheriff and I have respect for all them.  
The biggest difference between myself and the other four candidates is my experience. I’ve worked for two decades for the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff’s office is different than a police department as we have several other functions.  
I am the current Sheriff and for the last 14 years I’ve been in an administrative position within the sheriff’s office. My past experiences and knowledge from different administrative roles from within the agency will help me succeed as Sheriff. Some of the candidates have no to little supervisory or administrative experience. 
I’m a proven leader and will work even closer and more collaboratively with different agencies such as: police dept’s, fire dept’s, schools, cities, townships, and others. As Sheriff, I will make sure that our agency and I am available and involved in all the counties communities.  
Some of my major priorities are traffic safety, school safety and security, mental health initiatives, community involvement, and promote illegal drug awareness, education, and enforcement. I will make changes by focusing on some of these issues and working collaboratively with others to get it done. One recent example of this is getting the Rush City School Resource Officer approved.
For further information you can visit my website, or contact me personally at 651-802-2358. Thanks Sheriff Brandon Thyen